Radiotelefon ręczny ICOM IC-V80E psmo VHF o mocy 5,5WIC-V80E Jest jednopasmowym radiotelefonem na pasmo 2m
Radiotelefon ręczny ICOM IC-V80E psmo VHF o mocy 5,5W
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ICOM IC-V80E - Radiotelefon ręczny

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Ręczny transceiver na pasmo 2m o mocy wyjściowej 5W. Urządzenie posiada wytrzymałą obudowę, głośne audio i alfanumeryczną klawiaturę.


ICOM IC-V80E Radiotelefon na pasmo 2m w chropowatej obudowie z głośnym audio

Radiotelefon przenośny IC-V80 jest to modelekonomiczny dedykowany dla krótkofalowców w mocnej obudowie która posiada klasę IP54 i militarnej MIL-STD-810 w odporności na pył i wodę. Moc wyjściowa radia ICV80E wynosi aż do 5,5W!.  Posiada wewnętrzną pamięć do 207 kanałów, wbudowany CTCSS/DCS, VOX itd. Jeśli szukasz transceivera na pasmo VHF/2m to IC-V80E jest z pewnością odpowiedni.



Icom radios are built tough, and the IC-V80E VHF Handportable is no exception. This new addition to Icom’s product range offers military rugged construction, water resistance and superior protection against the elements to MIL-STD-810 and IP54 standards. The IC-V80E is also great for noisy environments, employing a BTL (bridge-tied load) amplifier that doubles the audio output. Together with its large speaker, the IC-V80E delivers 750mW of loud and intelligible audio making it ideal for basic, on-the-go operations.

5.5W of output power
The IC-V80E utilises a new low consumption current FET module and provides 5.5W of high power and long operating time. For even longer operating time, 2.5W or 0.5W of reduced output power settings can be selected.

750mW loud audio
The IC-V80E uses the BTL (bridge-tied load) amplifier that doubles the audio output. The IC-V80E’s BTL increases the audio output by doubling the voltage delivered to the speaker. The 36mm large speaker delivers 750mW of loud and intelligible audio, great for noisy environments. * Typical value using internal speaker.

Tough Construction
Icom radios are built tough, and the IC-V80E and this military rugged rig offers water resistance and superior protection against dust and dirt (IP54). Compact, rugged and with plenty of power, the IC-V80E is ideal for basic, on-the-go Amateur radio operations.

Alphanumeric display
A 5-character alphanumeric display clearly shows channel name, operating frequency and memory number with bright illumination. An S-meter icon ( ) shows the signal strength of the receiving frequency and output power level while transmitting.

207 memory channels
The IC-V80E has a total of 207 memory channels, including 200 regular channels, 6 channels, including 200 regular channels, 6 scan edges and 1 call channel. The channel name is programmable with 5 characters for easy recognition.

Internal VOX function
The IC-V80E has internal VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) function for convenient hands-free operation with a compatible optional headset and plug adapter cable. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.

Built-in CTCSS and DTCS
The CTCSS and DTCS tones are built-in for quiet stand-by and repeater access. Pocket beep and tone scan are also possible. The tone scan allows the operator to detect the subaudible tone that is used for repeater access.

Scan functions
Various scan functions including program, memory, skip, priority and tone scan can be programmed.

Other Features

  • Power save function
  • BNC type antenna connector
  • TOT (time out timer) setting
  • Repeater lockout and busy channel lockout
  • PC cloning capability and transceiver to transceiver cloning
  • DTMF memory channels
  • Auto power off Wide/narrow channel setting

Podstawowe cechy ICOM IC-V80E:

  • 144MHz single band handheld
  • 5.5W of output power
  • 750mW (typical) of loud and intelligible audio with the BTL amplifier circuitry
  • 13 hours* of operating time with the supplied 1400mAh Ni-MH battery pack(* Approx for 5:5:90 duty cycle with power save on)
  • Dust protection and water resistant construction, equivalent to IP54
  • Tested to the MIL-STD-810-F
  • VOX function built-in (Optional headset and adapter cable required.)
  • 5-character alphanumeric display
  • 207 memory channels
  • CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
  • DTMF memory channels

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